L2Connect Installation Process

To use L2Connect, purchase licenses or services from our solution partners.

Provision of services

1) On-premise (in-house) that enables detailed management

In the cases where there are many small sites, a few large sites or where operation becomes complicated with mixture of sizes and number of sites.

Experienced partners will support your configuration and operations.


2)Cloud (ASP) service that enables quick introduction at low cost

Apply for a solution partner which operates multi-tenant L2Connect servers

This is suitable for information system subsidiaries serving for its group companies to perform integrated VPN service management.

Experienced partners in 24/7 operation supports security patch and fault handling.


Pricing based on the form of provision

Software utilized by user On-premise (in-house) Cloud (ASP) Service
L2Connect Server Concurrent user license N/A
L2Connect Remote Access Device license Usage fee=No. of terminals x @
L2Connect Bridge Device license Usage fee=No. of terminals x @

Apply for a 30-day trial for free

Apply for a free 30-day trial via our partners. On-premise free 30-day trial license is issued during the time period specified by the partner, after the application is accepted. Installation of L2Connect is surprisingly easy, and you can start immediately.

Apply for a product license

Apply for a product license via our partners. In BizMobile, the registration is completed in one to maximum three business days and a license will be issued. The necessary license and software can be obtained via a partner. In some cases, the pricing will be combined with the partner’s own product.
For details, please refer to L2 Connect – Partners


Application for the cloud (ASP) service

Service (ASP) partners provide more secure and highly convenient services by combining our product with their own products and services. Therefore the pricing can be different.

For details, please refer to L2Connect – Partners.

Customized Services

Secure authentication using employee ID card or USB token
Development of mobile phones authentication and location authentication function using GPS.

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