L2Connect Product features

Feature 1Scalable introduction

Usage can be expanded by simply adding licenses. You can optimize initial investment as Network devices replacement is not necessary.

Feature 2Variety of security functions

In addition to various security functions of L2Connect itself, we develop a highly secure system by collaborating with our partners.

Feature 3No global IP

No need to fix global IP address for IPSec-VPN at each site. This enables secure communication without complicated configurations.

Feature 4Multiple communication routes

As L2Connect network can create multiple communication routes in a single communication line, you can create your own services independent of other service providers. And by creating multiple virtual switches in one L2Server and running it as independent L2Connect networks, you can provide multiple services.

Feature 5External user management

The user database of L2Connect Server can be operated by SQL from the outside. Real-time coordination with customer management systems or billing systems is possible.

Feature 6Carrier neutral

As L2Connect network works in any country or with any communication provider, you can build services independent of communication-line contracts.

Feature 7Communication managed externally

L2Connect Remote Access/Remote Bridge comes with API, allowing you to manage connections/disconnections from applications.

Feature 8High-speed communication

L2Connect network enables communication at approx. 70% of the link speed, that enables usage of inexpensive telecommunication services. L2Server provides high-speed processing, fully utilizing data center telecommunication links.

Feature 9Protocol neutral

L2Connect network is classified as a “Layer 2 VPN” that can use any protocol. Therefore, wider range of applications is available compared to IPSec-VPN or SSL-VPN. You can access securely from anywhere, to mainframe with proprietary protocols and to thin-client server systems which works only within LAN system, without modifying web-based applications.

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