L2Connect Security Functions

Versatile and strict authentication method

In addition to digital certificates, L2Connect supports ID/Password authentication including RADIUS authentication.

MAC address filtering

MAC addresses (both physical and virtual MAC addresses) can be specified to permit/prohibit communication. (Configured by L2Server and by L2Bridge independently). By utilizing uniqueness of a virtual MAC address, the installation/use on home PCs can be prevented.

Encrypted communication with open-source OpenSSL

Using proven open source codes, L2Connect is updated promptly when any vulnerability is detected, that removes possibility of bugs.

Account Grouping

A group number is added to each license, and connection is denied if the group number is inconsistent.

No bridge function available in L2Access

Use of L2Access or L2Bridge can be identified by both servers and clients.

Higher security functions (optional)

Collaborating with specialized vendors to strengthen remote-access security beyond VPN.

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