BizMobile Go! Releases “Apps Store Application Automatic Update Function” ~World First Automatic Update of App Store Application on iOS devices managed by MDM~


Tokyo, Japan – October 31, 2016 - BizMobile Inc. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Hirohito Obata) announced that the Mobile Application Mnagement (MAM) function of Biz Mobile's MDM service "BizMobile Go! is now equipped with the function that automatically updates App Store application on iOS devices managed by MDM l for the first time in the world.
Biz Mobile Inc. develops and operates Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform that dramatically reduces introduction and operation of smartphones and tablets (iOS / Android / Windows), as well as PCs (Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10).

Until now, when the App Store application has been updated, the user had to tap the App Store icon on the iOS devices and update the App Store application manually. Especially at the iOS version upgrade, the App Store application tends to be updated frequently to counter vulnerability or to enhance some functions. However, a lot of enterprises disable the App Store on corporate-owned devices in order to only allow specified application to be installed. That has prevented automatic update the application on the iOS device.

After iOS 9.3, Apple has enhanced MAM functionality to be able to distribute App Store applications via MDM even if the App Store is disabled. Also, it allowed distribution of App Store applications purchased through VPP (Volume Purchase Program) directly to each device via MDM. "BizMobile Go!" added MAM function to those Apple standard MAM functions, and made it possible to 1) automatically register VPP purchase application, (2) automatically detect updates of App Store application, (3)automatically update App Store application on iOS terminal all for the first time in the world..

It also enables automatic distribution of Applications developed in-house. With this, both the App Store applications well as the in-house applications on the iOS devices can be updated automatically. In-house applications development can take longer after OS updates. MAM function of "BizMobile Go!" can be disabled for those enterprises that do not wish automatic update.
In addition to the automatic update function of the App Store application on the iOS device, the administrator lock function (lost mode) when lost / stolen, the location information management function, the individual profile setting function are improved, benefiting both IT administrator and users.

■ How to specify automatic update

[iOS Configuration Screen] Config> Template> Select

[iOS Configuration Screen] set automatic update on /off on the application list


Not only adding own MAM function on the OS standard MAM, Biz Mobile continues to improve functionalities aiming for the easiest MDM service to operation in the world.

About "BizMobile Go! ™"

Developed based on Japan’s first Windows Mobile compatible EMM (MDM / MAM / MCM) released in 2006, BizMobile Go! ™ supported iOS the earliest in Japan in 2010, followed by Android 5 in 2011, Windows 10 in February 2015. Responded quickly to MAM / MCM functions of iOS 10, Android 6, and Windows 10. BizMobile GO! builds unique EMM functions on standard OS EMM functions to automate the management of massive devices. "Template " and "Virtual Device Synchronization" enabled administrators to detect devices that violates security and privacy, avoiding any manual labor. "BizMobile Go!" has a track record of introductions at large scale. We now provide services not only for mobile devices but also for things of IoT.

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About Biz Mobile

BizMobile Inc. was founded in 2009 to enable " Always-connected and Safe Mobile business environment ". Since we introduced the first iOS compatible MDM service in Japan (press release on October 13, 2010), we provide services to listed/large enterprises, building track record in large scale introductions. Currently, we expand our cloud services to overseas, mainly in the Asia-Pacific region.

We will continue to provide new options for safe multi-device utilization in various business scenarios and contribute to their business expansion..

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