BizMobile Go! specifications

Service Functionality provided Functions Usage purposes iOS
Monitoring Anti-theft, anti-loss measures Prevention of unauthorized access Automatic kitting
Standard User management Organization/group management functions
Device management Usage status dashboard
Log management
Alarm notifications
Device restrictions Make passcode policy compulsory (for local lock & wipe)
Remote lock
Remote wipe
Remove passcode -
Selective wipe (wipe only business-related data)
Access control (allow display and operation based on restrictions)
Lock device to prevent usage (administrator lock) *1 *1
Settings management Batch distribution (settings)
Batch distribution (certificates authenticated with password) *1
Batch distribution (individual device configuration) (Note: Use of CSV) *1
Setting restrictions Separation of enterprise and private data, blocking of data transfer
Encryption of enterprise data
Compulsory encrypted backup - -
Remove enterprise data from list of backup items - -
Restrict personal usage partially
Restrict personal usage greatly *1
Web filtering (whitelists, blacklists, plugins) *1
Global proxy (specific communication channels) -
Always-on VPN connection *1
Block factory reset *1
Use of DEP (Device Enrollment Program) - -
Block deletion and bypassing of MDM (Note: Only when DEP is used)
Application management Batch purchase (Store application licenses) *1
Batch distribution (in-house applications, App Store applications) (Note: By user)
Batch distribution (in-house applications, App Store applications) (Note: By device) *1 - -
Batch distribution (individual application configuration) (Note: Application is required to be compatible with this feture) - -
Detection of blocked applications (whitelists, blacklists)
Application restrictions Per-App VPN (force VPN connection only for specific applications) *1 *1
Authorize installation of App Store applications
Block automatic downloads of App Store applications - *1
Silent installation/updates/deletion of applications *1
Block deletion of applications *1
Dedicated device modes (Single App Mode, Kiosk Mode) *1
Content management Batch distribution of files to iBook (enterprise data, e-books) - -
Deletion of files in iBook (enterprise data, e-books) - -
Options Messages Collect/display location information *1
Simultaneous message notification (read status can be monitored) *1
Jailbreak notification (for jailbreaking, rooting) -
Personal Personal UI (for Self Service)
Personal IVR (for service over telephones)
Device exchange Device exchange service (automatic transfer of configuration to new device and subsequent reset of the old device)
Support for special cases Setting restrictions Secured camera *1 *1
Geofence (GPS, Wi-Fi, iBeacon) *1 *1
Devices in Supervised Mode
Function not provided by OS
*1Development planned
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